The expertise to stay ahead

Hellyar’s purpose is about more than supplying customers with outstanding polymers. We see our remit as radiating wider: to provide the holistic technical expertise needed to ensure your business gains optimal value from our formulations.

Hellyar specialists will provide customer-focused consultation throughout the entire course of your project. Our input begins with technical advice to help ensure you create the quality products from our polymers needed for your unique commercial requirements, be it for bespoke solutions or products that match existing compounds. Alongside this, our experts will provide all the information you need on the materials and processes involved in the manufacturing operation.

This expertise is complemented by our extensive technical facilities in the UK and Poland. We have state-of-the-art laboratories equipped to conduct tests and analyses into material performance and manufacturing processes to advance your product development where required. Our capabilities also include precision digital colour-matching which delivers cost-effective results to further optimise the compounds needed for your application. Where appropriate, our products can be certified to UL, WRAS, QUV, IMDS and Food Contact.