The capacity to deliver across the world

Hellyar operates from manufacturing plants in the UK and Poland, giving us the strength and agility to serve customers in close proximity to us and across the world. Our global reach means we can supply PP, ABS and other compounds to manufacturers and customers in locations as dispersed as South Africa, the US, India, South America and beyond.

Our UK and Poland plants are equipped to deliver all core services, from prime polymer compounding and upcycling to sales, logistics and technical expertise, bespoke product design and more. Our UK base also serves as a centre for our distribution and commodity trading operations.

Both our sites have mirror-image production and quality systems to ensure 100% technical compatibility and compliance across every aspect of our operations. It means Hellyar can offer robust standby capacity if needed: in the event of disaster or disruption, we can shift our workload from one site to another to maintain production—delivering the assurance and peace-of-mind your business requires.