Multiple capabilities and reliable supply

Hellyar’s bespoke ABS and ASA compounds are capable of serving customers requiring everything from 60mt to some of the largest global converters a year. We support this capability with a highly robust and reliable supply chain. As well as industry-leading colour tolerance, the key properties of our ABS compounds include excellent aesthetic quality and high gloss in combination with high impact performance. Our ASA range extends our capability in ABS into exterior applications, adding weatherability and UV stabilisation and multiple other capabilities through additive solutions that can be applied to ABS resins. Manufacturers rely on these finished compounds to produce the high quality, dependable and consistently assembled components they need to meet their customers’ specifications around the globe.


  • MFI 6-60g/10 mins, ISO 1133 (220°C/10kg)
  • Colouration
  • Impact modification
  • Flame retardancy/heat stabilisers
  • UV resistance
  • ABS/SAN/ASA alloy
  • Part-recycled content (colour dependent)
  • Delta E 0.5 colour tolerance