Our key products, tailored to your business

Hellyar provides a wide portfolio of conventional and mineral-filled compounds that reflect stringent quality standards and our focus on our customers’ success.  Depending on your goals, Hellyar’s teams will custom-design any compound using different fillers and other adjustable variables to deliver bespoke products that match your existing consumption or product development requirements. Whatever your project, our technical experts will advise you at every step to ensure the best-possible product for your needs.

PP Compounds  >>

Hellyar’s bespoke PP compounds offer almost limitless possibilities for alteration to suit your application and can be filled with talc, glass, chalk and other substances.

ABS/ASA Compounds  >>

We provide a wide range of ABS and ASA compounds that help manufacturers across the globe produce a vast range of high-performance and quality components. 

Extended Product Range >>

Hellyar’s extended product offerings include filled and unfilled PP and PE, polystyrene compounds, SAN compounds, and numerous other solutions designed for a variety of real-world challenges.