Coloured compounds on scales Pink strand materials Men working at machine


We lead the way in the manufacture of custom-coloured compounded products in the major thermoplastics market.

With unrivalled industry knowledge and experience, we produce a wide range of top quality conventional and mineral-filled compounds to meet our customers' rigorous specifications.

Our service is fully supported by a team of technical experts to ensure you get the best solutions for your needs. Plus we can incorporate additives into your compounds to enhance your moulded end products even further.

Our mineral-filled compounds encompass:

  • Talc for improved rigidity, surface hardness and heat distortion temperature
  • Chalk for rigidity, a whiter base and less fall-off in impact strength
  • Limestone for optimal impact strength
  • Mica for improved flexural modulus and heat resistance
  • Barium Sulphate for excellent surface gloss and increased density at high loading
  • Glass Beads for enhanced dimensional accuracy and a tougher, abrasion-resistance surface
  • Glass Fibres for increased flexural modulus and greater impact and heat resistance

For details of our additive systems for compound products, click here.